The RNE Guide: Having Your Fur Babies In Your Wedding Party

To all of our rock star clients who love their fur babies like their own children: this one is for you.

Just because you’re throwing a luxurious wedding celebration, that doesn’t mean you can’t include your furry companions. Incorporate your little one into the nuptials, the partying, or both. Whichever you choose, this rockin’ guide will give you the best ideas for your pet-friendly wedding.

Here’s how to include your fur babies in your wedding party. (In the most adorable and aw-worthy ways)

The engagement shoot

One of our favorite fur baby trends is the infamous engagement shoot. There’s no shame in including your little munchkin in the fun. Have your photographer, preferably someone who is experienced in pup photography, take care of your photoshoot. If you have a hyper little one and don’t want to risk having them at the actual wedding, this is a perfect way to include them in your memories.

Dress to impress

If you’re going to go all out and have your little one at your wedding ceremony and reception, make sure to dress them to the nines. For your fur boy, get a bow tie collar or tuxedo. For your little girl, purchase a little tutu.

If you’re not into dressing your pets (by that I mean, they won’t let you), then go for a simple wreath collar. Au Naturale is in!

The perfect ring bearer

Every bride and groom needs an adorable ring bearer. If you have the most well-behaved cat in the world, this might be possible. Otherwise, this is probably just for couples with pups.

Chances are, you have seen this done before. But, we promise, this trend never gets old. No one gets tired of seeing a pup as a ring bearer. If you have a little son or nephew in your life, have them walk down the aisle together!

Flower girl escort

A flower girl and a fur baby - is there any cuter combination? If your little girl needs a proper escort, have your pet accompany her down the aisle. Whether it’s in a beautiful little carriage or on a leash, have your pup walk down the aisle with the second most important lady at the ceremony.

Actually in the wedding party

This is for couples who have the typical Labrador Retriever that is so well-behaved it’s unreal. If your little one is capable of keeping still next to the bridesmaids or groomsmen, then go for it! Not only will this mean the world to you, but it’ll also look freaking precious in pictures.

A wedding is meant to be an unforgettable experience, not just a brief destination or memory. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your friends, family, fur baby, and partner. At ROCKNEVENTS, our all-star wedding producer’s make that happen. For wedding planning that will transcend your wildest dreams, give us a call at (424) 272-6477 for cocktails and a chat!

XOXO, Team Vowlá

Jenny Chang