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Jenny Chang


With no higher education than an associates degree at The Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising (FIDM) and no event planning experience, Jenny Chang created her first startup firm, ROCKNEVENTS with a simple vision — a foresee of her leading a team of event producers and designers in vibration of this world, one celebration at a time. Her vision coupled with her unparalleled passion manifested the only modern and timeless event planning firms where a group of legendary producers, also recognized as, TEAM RNE, guide couples and corporate startups into the start-to-finish effect of celebration-planning. “What I take most pride in at ROCKNEVENTS is the self-motivated leaders I’ve attracted to the firm. These producers walk the same steps I’ve walked when I started the company. They wake up every single day and ‘choose’ what they Love to do, and take honor in the lives they change, one-celebration-at-a-time,” said ROCKNEVENTS Founder, Jenny Chang.

Since launching ROCKNEVENTS  in summer of 2013, Jenny has been featured in numerous world-renowned publications, which include: Wedding Style Magazine, Southern California Bride, Wedding Chicks, & Daily Breeze. For three years in a row, she has been awarded Top 10 Best Wedding Planners in Los Angeles & Orange County by, Junebug Weddings. In 2018, JC was awarded Top 50 In The Country by PartySlate. Jenny Chang has taken great honor in her public awards, and continue to leverage her famed reputation to birth future event producers. “There are too many small and large businesses that shelter their ideas and developments — it’s what keeps them stagnant and in fear of their competition. I believe every great idea I create should be shared and taught to those that are capable of changing this world with me. I plan on creating an army of other creative leaders, and together, we will make a mark designed for those in need of our gift,” said Jenny Chang.