DEC 12, 2018




Vowlá is seeking a Lead Software Engineer who enjoys architecting and building intelligent, scalable, and clean solutions to join our produce and engineering team and help us build a new, cutting edge platform that will power Vowlá’s service offerings. As a member of our engineering team, you will be in a position to have a direct, lasting impact everywhere that technology powers our business.

Ideal candidates for this role excel in finding the best solution to a given problem while also mentoring other engineers - explaining the “why’s” along the way. They should be personable, efficient, flexible and communicative, and possess a passion and love for what they do. This role comes with the opportunity to be a true leader and high performer within a company that’s fast-paced, dynamic, and quickly growing in all areas!

The responsibilities described below are representative of those the person in this role would be performing, but should not be considered an exhaustive list - this position is extremely flexible in terms of its areas of focus!


Set and drive the architectural design and development objectives for our new, service oriented platform based on a flexible product roadmap
- Review and develop architecture plans based on product-driven goals for both internal and external teams, ensuring our department’s core engineering values remain a priority
- Be seen as “the person” by team members - leading by example as a dedicated, flexible technologist who is always looking for the ideal, elegant solution to a problem while still making sure to partner effectively with other areas of the department and company
- Help make critical software design decisions that will have a lasting impact on Vowláe’s platform and products as well as leading and mentoring others to do the same
- Keep up to date on modern technologies and trends and advocate for their inclusion within products when it makes sense
- Analyze and evaluate existing solutions within the company and make decisions on whether to extend of refactor as needed
- Work collaboratively with multiple agile teams to help deliver end-to-end products and features, seeing them through from conception to delivery
- Be able to troubleshoot and diagnose issues quickly and effectively when they arise, bringing calm and rationality to tense situations and providing a clear path forward for team members across multiple areas of the department
- Provide technical leadership and help mentor engineering, QA, operations, and product staff to deliver the best possible solutions for the company
- Help define, document, evolve, and evangelize high engineering standards and best practices across multiple areas
- Move quickly and intelligently - seeing technical debt as your nemesis


Advanced experience architecting large-scale decoupled, service oriented systems
- Proven track record of practical, thoughtful problem solving
- Extensive experience working on high-traffic, international systems
- Experience working in and advocating for agile environments
- Expert-level experience working with APIs / in an API-driven environment (REST, RPC, GraphQL)
- Expert-level experience working with one or more of the following: Go, Node, Python, PHP
- Extensive experience building applications and underlying systems that work within fully containerized environments (Docker, Kubernetes)
- Extensive experience working with relational and non-relational data structures and stores
- Advanced experience working in an environment that sees test-driven development as a core value and a path towards ensuring stability
- Experience working within environments that rely heavily on automation, CI, and CD concepts to rapidly deliver, measure, and iterate on products and features
- Experience working within cloud-based environments like AWS and GCP - specifically related to networking, compute, database, cache, and storage services
- Advanced knowledge of front-end technologies like Javascript (React, Angular), CSS (Sass, SCSS), templating engines (JSX, Twig, etc), and build systems (Gulp, Webpack)
- Experience working with retail, e-commerce, and POS systems a plus
- Experience working within PCI-compliant environments a plus
- A personal passion for the wedding industry and/or the Vowlá brand