Wedding Trends Planners Suggest you Reconsider

Have you walked into a wedding and thought, “It’s all been done before?”. We’ve all been there, getting lost in a Pinterest board or two and before you know it, your wedding looks like every other wedding on Pinterest. 

Vowla’s wedding planners are here to help you avoid getting lost in the sauce. Here is what they have to say!

Less is More

“A trend that should go away – too much going on. Coco Chanel once said. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” The same goes for weddings. Skip the photo booth, flash mob, donut wall, complicated seating chart, confusing guest book and other elements that take away from the fun for you and your guests. Some of these add-on activities derail the flow of your wedding and create some confusion for your guests.”

  • Carla Zuber, Vowlá Executive Planner

Candy Bars & Stations

“One trend that I would personally love brides to reconsider is candy bars or candy stations. I really feel this is a trend that should disappear altogether because it looks a little juvenile and sometimes cheap (which we never want) but also takes away the elegance from your big day! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with adding a dessert option in addition to a cake, but I would opt for a more refined dessert table or interactive station for your guests! For example, a crepe station, a waffle bar, a gelato cart or even something as simple as a beautiful arrangement of cookies, anything but candy, because in the end licorice and candy worms will never look chic.” 

  • Lorena Romero, Vowlá Executive Planner

Photo Booth Props

“With Instagram and Snapchat coming out with new filters almost daily, everyone is trying to look flawless in their next post. Make sure your guests feel fabulous when they step into the photo booth at your wedding. Instead of offering quirky props and prints your guests might lose, make sure your photo booth is equipped with retouching features, great lighting and instant sharing options.”

  • Leslie Jones, Vowlá Executive Planner

Wedding Favors

“It never fails, after each wedding, my team and I are frantically collecting favors left behind by guests so our brides don’t see them. Instead of allocating funds to your already tight wedding budget on items that will just end up in your guests’ junk drawer, opt to write a personal note letting your guests know how much their presence means to you. Another option is to give social impact gifts such as vitamins to a child in need through organizations like “Gifts for Good” in your guests’ honor.”

  • Leslie Jones, Vowlá Executive Planner

We understand, your family might kill you if you don’t include an open bar and a photo booth at your wedding but remember less is more, enjoy the process, and enjoy your special day~

XOXO, Team Vowlá

Jenny Chang