Next Level Centerpieces

Be serious, how many times have you seen that vase and flower in the middle of a table? We aren’t saying that it’s not a beautiful option, and we don’t mean to reinvent the wheel. It’s just...maybe you aren’t the flower and vase type, and that’s okay! 

This is for all the non traditional couples who just want to take it to the next level (and if you’re still a vase in flower couple, take a look! We found a few ways to elevate that too)


Centerpiece, but Make it Seasonal

IDEA : There’s a way to pay homage to the weather outside without shoving it down your guest’s thoats! Take Christmas for example, why not throw a couple ornaments that fall under your color palette 


Take a Note from Beauty and the Beast

Candles are okay, but nothing says luxury like a candelabra! 


Branch out from Traditional Flowers

Wow your guests by taking a step out of the box and into the greenhouse! Some people choose flowers, you chose greenery and trees.


Light Your Fire with Lanterns

If you’re still leaning towards candles, maybe think about a good lantern! Lanterns can turn any wedding into a more rustic, vintage feel and add a beautiful glow to your tables.


For All You Traditionalists...

...don’t worry, we still have some ideas for you. There’s still a way to wow with an old school idea. We recommend playing with dimension and height. Switch up the length of your flowers and vases to make your centerpieces look grand and luxurious. And while you’re at its, why not throw in some candles around the bases for some lighting?

XOXO, Team Vowlá

Jenny Chang