First Impressions Matter: How to take your Grand Entrance Game to the Next Level


Take a second and think back to the first date you ever had with your S/O. What did you wear? Did you break out that pair of jeans you know fit you just right? Maybe you made sure to get a fresh haircut and looked to really wow them.


Because you knew then that all-important first impression matter. So why should you treat your wedding any less than that? 

Here are some ways to grab your guests’ attention the same way you two did to each other all those years ago!

A Bridge of Love

A bridge is all about symbolism; you crossed bridges to meet your love, to get to where you are today, and where you will eventually be in life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your loved ones metaphorically cross the bridge with you? 


Light the Way

Imagine a grand entrance where, as your guests walk into a venue all they see is a path of lights and candles lighting their way to your special day! Utilizing light is a beautiful way to catch people’s attention, so much so that you might want to make sure they don’t take your idea...


Make it Rain

Sure, other establishments might have taken the notion of making it rain, but we think we should take it and claim it as our own! There’s plenty of ways to make it rain, whether it be raining with sparks, bubbles, glitter, there’s a world of things that can make your wedding unique!

Intro with the 21st Century

Take advantage of technology! You can have an introduction video that reflects the nature of your relationship - perhaps you want to lean towards something more sentimental with the groom and bride welcoming loved ones to their day! Maybe you two are a funny bunch, and you want to recreate an airplane safety video with the B&G telling the guests to buckle up and have their seats in the upright position because the festivities are about to begin!


Bring the Forest the You

Perhaps you’ve heard of the expression “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain?” We think the mountain should still come to us! For all our outdoorsy couples that might not connect with the outdoors, why not bring that whole thing over to you? Have a whole tree stand where your bridal party stands, representing the beginning roots of the marriage.

XOXO, Team Vowlá

Jenny ChangComment